Topos Camp Bed

I’ve seen images of the folding wood framed cots with undyed cotton canvas here and there over the past couple years, but  with an updated twist. They are being used more as hip daybeds with fluffy toppers to make them cushy and are layered with lots of exotic throw pillows. Very inviting! There are some makers in Europe that are selling them at costly prices. I find them appealing because the contemporary utilitarian ones are now made with metal frames and polyester or acrylic fabrics. The hardwood and natural cotton canvas hearkens back to World War II and before when items were made from natural ingredients.

While just wasting time this morning, I searched the internet for companies in the U.S that are still making the wood and cotton canvas ones and just couldn’t find any. I found one or the other, but not both. I found companies that were forced to move their production to Asia.  I found very expensive European ones. I found vintage ones on Etsy and Ebay. But, sadly, I found none that are made domestically in the all natural ingredients. I think that I am going to ressurrect these folding, portable workhorses!