I was so enamored with many of the hysterical counted cross stitch that I stumbled upon on Pinterest and mentioned in a previous post that I decided to ask a cooperative with which I work in India create a few machine embroidered ones for me on natural linen fabric rather than aida cloth. I could have cross stitched them myself, but the labor hours to create in quantity from hand would have made the sell price prohibitive. These are 10″ round on bamboo embroidery hoops with brass closures.

They arrived on Saturday via DHL. I showed them to a friend of mine who is, also, a tail end baby boomer. She was so on the fence about whether or not these can ever sell and if they cross over the line of social correctness, My thought is that these are benign compared with some of the potty-mouthed ones that I have seen.  I would love feedback.

Here we go!