I didn’t know this was a trend. I went onto the internet to get inspiration for fringed fabric tassels and stumbled upon it. As a tail end Boomer, I don’t attend any weddings, showers or decorate baby nurseries. But, I wound up on Pinterest and was inundated with images of dream catchers and scrap fabric garland tassels in the setting of bridal showers, baby showers and nurseries. My reason for searching was that I am siting upon piles of fabric that need new life breathed into them. So, here you go. I must say that I truly love the tee-pee idea in a toddler’s room. I like that the room is light and bright, still providing stimulation. It is a refreshing change from choo-choo trains and lollipops. The hanging macrame bassinets outright scares me. It is very cute, but the chances that we take with plants shouldn’t be equal with those that we take with newborn babies. I would want that attached to a set of firm legs that meet the ground.

Living in New England and having had dreadful weather all winter and into Spring makes me long for any type of an outdoor celebration with flowers, plants and a meal. I’m craving a 70 degree day in our near future. I’ll sleep in a teepee if we get one, too.