I stumbled upon their website through Martha Stewart’s ‘Made in America’ website and link to her ebay shop. We all wore these bracelets in the 1970’s where I was raised in Massachusetts. We didn’t live on Cape Cod, but everyone vacationed there. So, these bracelets were a symbol of our ties to Cape Cod, the ocean and New England nautical life. Back in the 70’s, they came in natural only. There were no dyed color options.

To see them again, see the colored options and to learn that they are made in Mystic CT is uplifting. They could easily come from China and be sold on Ali Express. I support the resurgence of  manufacturing products here in the States, despite my having supported the passing of NAFTA in the early 1990’s  and shortly after its passage in 1993. ( I am in the textile industry and witnessed the rapid shift to overseas manufacturing, closing of textile mills in the States and losses of jobs for some of my peers.)

What is delightful about these rope bracelets real people make by hand is that they ring in at $5-$7.95 each!!!!!!! They offer an array of rope knot products that they didn’t in the 1970’s. Door mats, coasters, key chains, dog toys, napkin rings, door stoppers, drawer pulls, necklaces, trendier bracelets and ornaments. However, the classic sailor bracelets appeal most to me. Take a look.


My favorite- Sailor bracelets in happy colors.