My most recent endeavor in non-toxic upholstery and fabrics is timely in that The Consumer Product Safety Commission just days ago released a warning to consumers to avoid household products with organohalogen flame retardants. While this warning isn’t as inclusive as  I would like (banning all classes of chemical flame retardants), it is progress.

So, I continue to produce the collection of non-toxic upholstered furniture that the talented Emily Kroll designed for her company that launched in 2008 under the name EKLA HOME, Inc.  Emily has designed furniture for 30 years and  disrupted the small industry of eco upholstery with unprecedented  contemporary and clean designs using G.O.T.S. and Oeko-Tex 100 certified fabrics produced by Oecotextiles. Both EKLA HOME and Oecotextiles brought the non-toxic upholstery industry forward about 30 years in  just one day with the mere existence. Prior to EKLA HOME, designs were stale, clunky and very traditional. The fabric options were equality as lackluster. Oecotextiles’ fabrics are luxurious, colorful and are all transparent as  non-toxic with their 3rd party certifications.

Thank you, Emily, for granting me the right to continue to make your beautiful pieces.