Good Earth Carmine Collection


Good Earth Tranquility Collection


I awakened this morning at 4:30am. One of morning rituals is to pour a cup of coffee and jump on-line to read my emails. I have Google Alerts set-up for a number of phrases. one of which is “sustainable textiles”. I clicked on the link from my email IN Box and it took me to a page on the website of Good Earth Company. I was immediately struck by the beauty of their home textiles and porcelain china. The surface designs are sophisticated and colored brilliantly. The patterns are heavily influenced by nature. What delighted me is their ability to choose the best of Eastern design influences but with a more Western color sensibility.  All of the color combinations are soothing, even the moodier ones. The best explanation of who they are and how they are inspired comes directly from the “Our Story” section of their website and I share their words verbatim in the following paragraph.


In January 2016, Good Earth celebrates 20 years of a design aesthetic that is crafted by hand, inspired by nature, and enchanted by history. Since opening in Mumbai in 1996, the last two decades have seen Good Earth grow into a cult brand recognised for its crafts-focused approach to luxury design and reviving the authentic skills of the crafts communities of India.Good Earth is everyday luxury defined by an intense connection to nature, history, heritage and original design through an Indian prism. As India’s leading design house, we are known for our storytelling through surface design and sustaining the craft traditions of our culture.

With a growing international and online presence, we look at the world beyond India to build on our legacy as advocates for sustainable luxury.


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Good Earth Silk Road Collection


Good Earth brocades


The company has a number of retail locations throughout India and in a few other cities in Asia.  Their aesthetic would be successful here in the States. Their retail prices aren’t low, but the quality of their textiles is much higher than many “designer” soft home goods that I have encountered. I love their tributes or Collections of china and textiles that pay homage to the best of regional textiles and surface design, yet all produced in India by Fair Trade artisans, thus keeping artisans in their country employed. The elegance and luxury of their lines are understated and timeless. Kudos to Good Earth Company.