le petit congalese wax prints.jpgI was delighted to see a post in the Linked In group ‘Home Textiles Professionals” of which I am a member whereby one member mentioned that they are all the rage in France currently. She asked if we thought the trend would catch on in the U.S. Anyone who follows my blog or buys from my website (www.fabricadabra.us) knows that I have been selling African and Dutch wax print decorative pillows as well as fabric by the yard since stumbling upon them in early 2009. I still do. They just never seemed to mesh with U.S. consumers despite being a party waiting to happen. This same Linked In Group Member posted a great article about Africa wax prints that I am reposting.

One very serious concern that I have regarding Africa textiles is their being knocked off or copied in China. since the launch of Fabricadabra in 2008, I have purchased African batik, indigo cloth, mud cloth and Ankara or wax prints to make decorative pillow covers. I find it disheartening to see retailers such as Anthropologie buy Chinese knock-off fabric to make bedding and upholstered furniture using the copied versions. They charge enough for their products that it us unnecessary. Not only that, their using them tacitly implies approval of this process. Africa’s beautiful fabrics should be made by Africa’s textile artists in the traditional wax resist methods that they employ and not be copied and rotary screen printed in China for global distribution under the name of African wax printed fabric. Furthermore, the true Africa fabrics do not actually cost nearly as much as they should. They are a bargain, unless you  buy them through One King’s Lane.

So, here is the repost of a blog article by Kenisa Home that highlights how on trend they are in France currently. http://www.kenisahome.com/blog/kenisa-tips-ins/decorating-african-wax-fabric/