luli sanchez luli sanchez2 luli sanchez3 luli sanchez5 luli sanchez6 luli sanchez7 luli sanchez8 luli sanchez9 luli sanchez10 luli sanchez11 luli sanchez12 luli sanchez13 luli sanchez14 lulisanchez15I stumbled upon the work of this artist just a few months ago on Pinterest. I saw one abstract painting in blue that looked like a an indigo dye batik fabric. I clicked on the link to her website. I spent the new hour pouring through all of the beautiful watercolor paintings on her site. They can so easily be applied to any end use; fabric, china, greeting card, nail art and anything one can imagine. I am not sure why I have never heard of her and her work.  Peruse the site and read the “About’ and “faq” sections to get a better feel for who she is.

It is rare that I encounter such a talent who has no interest in self-promotion or collaborative efforts. She simply likes to paint. Check out these images and visit her website:   I do know know why any home textiles company has not licensed any of these designs for use in home decorating fabrics. Or, maybe they have bought her paintings and used them, but not her name. Help me out here!!!