I picked up the March issue of U.K.’s Elle Decoration a couple of weeks ago. The cover photo was of an inspiring blue living room. Inside, they declared blue as the color of the moment. They proceeded to give their explanation as well as share five pages of spreads that were calming and beautiful, all with cobalt, indigo and nautical blue accessories and furnishings. It was hugely impactful.

Every January, I try to guess which color and cast Pantone will choose for its top trending color in home furnishing for the new year. Most every year, I am wrong. I did guess that a bright yellow would be it for 2010, but the name MIMOSA didn’t reflect what I was visualizing. I saw a robin’s egg blue as the upcoming hue for 2011. Again, I was wrong. But, not completely off.

If anyone had given me 15 guesses for 2012, I never would have picked Tangerine Tango. I might have entertained it in 2010. It’s a fun and vibrant color in small dollops, but I struggle with it as a major color for 2012. Okay, so back to Elle Decoration. I just want to share how well I felt that the editor for Elle Decoration expressed their reason for exalting the blues at this time. I’d like to just share a few of the following pages from the issue with you. You tell me if they feel as relaxing and fresh to you as they do to me.

If it weren’t already obvious, I really don’t know how to use wordpress. So, I am adding a couple other photos at the bttom that  are not from Elle Decoration. I just have no idea how to add text after I upload the images. I’m sure it is easy, but my mind is a bit rigid. (The microwave is still magic to me.) Holy crap. This sentence managed to jump between the Ellec Decoration images.  I need a tutorial.

Elle Decoration UK march 2012 coverElle Decoration march 2012Elle Decoration blue p2 Elle Decoration p.3Elle Decoration March 2012- blue