tea towel vintage Etsy

tea towel stool Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts

tea towel Suzie Stanford katani-couch

tea towel chairs Suzie Stanford

tea towel vintage apron from Curly Pops

I have been seeing increased interest in vintage tea towels,  tablecloths and linen calendars.  Many kitchen textile  manufacturers have come out with nostalgic retro collections of  tea towels, potholders and tablecloths. But the best yet,  has been the use of vintage tea towels to upholster furniture. Suzie Stanford of Melbourne Australia has designed a number of these for her clients and they are fun and timeless! Check out her  pieces at her modest website. They are fabulous!  http://www.suziestanford.com.au/index.htm  This trend seems to have spread across the continent.