I’ve been seeing them here and there for a few years and they always stop me dead in my tracks.  I see them used as tablecloths, table runners, wall hangings, bedspreads and just beautifully draped  over  pieces of furniture as throws.They are incredibly happy and impactful as monochromatic embroidered symbols in  fiesta colors.

The Otomi Indians who reside in the state of Hidalgo Mexico have been weaving these beautiful and intricate patterns for ages. According to Laura Aviva, who wrote an article about them for Hand/Eye Magazine, the designs were once much more intricate and elaborate. However, in the 1960’s, after a long drought that negatively impacted their livelihood from agriculture, the Otomi began to produce more elemental weavings that could be sold to earn money.  The images are symbolic and represent scenes from everyday life. Common images are armadillos, roosters, flowers and animals.  Check these out!