I have compiled a list of interior decorating fabric companies that have put out lines of fabrics for interiors that are eco or more environmentally responsible of sorts. Some of the companies focus on recycled polyester and tend to be more suitable and practical for contract applications. In term of actual health benefits, I’m hardpressed to classify these as having those attributes. However, they reuse or recycle existing manmade fibers and keep them from the landfill, so I’ve included them. The ones that use natural fibers such as cotton or wool tha are not sprayed with pesticides and are processed so has to be less toxic to people and, naturally, the environment are also included and I have tended to put these int0 the category of residential applications because they do not all meet the FR and durability requirements for contract use.  For the most part, I put pigment printed fabrics into residential non-upholstery purpose since pigments just do not hold up as well as other dyestuffs and can fade and crock more easily than others. I am not saying that one cannot use them on upholstery, but great care must be taken to keep the pieces away from regular use and away from light and fading sources such as gas.

I am sure there are so many companies that are bringing out healthier and more environmentally responsible fabric lines about which I do not know. I would love for anyone to share with me any companies that are doing so, so that I can research them and add to the growing list!

Company and website section directed toward sustainable home furnishing fabrics FR & durablity rating end use
http://www.diceymill.com/Organiccottonfabrics.html residential upholstery
http://www.rubiegreen.com/ residential bedding,table top, window, craft
http://www.pindler.com/green/orgfab/1661.html residential upholstery , multi-purpose
http://www.elimehome.com residential upholstery, multi-purpose
http://www.livetextiles.com/ residential mutli-purpose
http://www.lesindiennes.com/ residential bedding,table top, window
http://www.jennyleekatz.com/index.php?cPath=11&CDpath=0 residential craft, accessories
http://www.organicfabric.com/index.html residential mutli-purpose
http://www.daisyjanie.com/ residential craft, accessories
http://www.oecotextiles.com/ residential upholstery , multi-purpose
http://www.rakshabellaorganic.com/ residential bedding,table top, window
http://www.carrtextile.com/organiccottonduck.html residential upholstery, multi-purpose
http://modgreenpod.com/ residential bedding,table top, window
http://www.indikaorganics.com/ residential upholstery , multi-purpose
http://www.oliveiratextiles.com/ residential upholstery , multi-purpose
http://www.amenityhome.com/e-store/home.asp residential bedding,table top, window
http://www.harmonyart.com/ residential bedding,table top, window, craft
http://cloud9fabrics.com/index.htm residential craft, accessories
http://www.nearseanaturals.com/ residential mutli-purpose
http://blog.betzwhite.com/2009/07/coming-together-at-seams.html residential craft, accessories
http://www.moralfibre-fabrics.com/home_products.html residential mutli-purpose
http://www.madelineweinrib.com/mw/fabric-organicblockprint/index.html residential mutli-purpose
http://www.picknatural.com/index.html residential mutli-purpose
http://www.envirotextile.com/ residential upholstery , multi-purpose
http://www.valleyforge.com/ contract-no cut yardage upholstery
http://www.qcollection.com/index.php?mode=fabrics&type=residential contract & residential upholstery, window
 http://www.fschumacher.com/collections/terra.aspx contract & residential upholstery, bedding
http://www.robertallendesign.com/fabrics/featured_4.aspx contract & residential upholstery
http://www.green-weave.com/Photos.html contract & residential mutli-purpose
http://www.brentanofabrics.com/green/Default.aspx contract & residential upholstery
http://www.kravetgreen.com/fabric.htm contract upholstery
http://www.maharam.com/vl.html contract upholstery
http://www.knoll.com/products/textileCatProducts.jsp?cat_id=161 contract upholstery
http://www.designtex.com/upholstery_Product.aspx?f=35538 contract upholstery
http://www.architex-ljh.com/ contract upholstery
http://www.carnegiefabrics.com/the_environment/our_products.htm contract upholstery
https://www.themomgroup.com/sustainable_contract_textiles.shtml contract mutli-purpose