I keep coming across articles on-line and in newspapers such as the LA. Times that conspicuous consumption is frowned upon in these tough economic times.  People are carefully selecting their consumer goods, no matter how high the price tag, to look… well, not flashy. Apparently, even those who can afford to spend $7000 on a sofa prefer that it look natural, organic, aged or like a broken in hand-me-down.  So, it appears that some of the well-to-do are being more sensitive to those of us who have fallen on tough times. And, let’s face it, the downturn is global and not confined to the U.S.

There is nothing funny about what is going on, but I still roll my eyeballs sometimes. I have always been attracted to home furnishings that take their inspiration from earlier times and that use techniques that have lost their bling. Crochet is one of the techniques that comes to mind. Oh boy, I still remember those great  hip and calf-length crochet vests and cardigans.  I still wear a crocheted cap with the one flower applique on the side of it, like Ali McGraw’s character in LOVE STORY. I really was very young then but they made a big impression upon me. (I think people thought the world was going to Hell in a handbasket back then, too.)

Although we have seen more crochet showing up in apparel, not so much in home furnishings. I think it is just starting to catch on  and, of course, it is embraced more freely by younger people who didn’t live through the days of crocheted toilet paper dolls, doiles and toaster covers. You have to admit, it is fun!