I dig patchwork.  There are the timeless madras plaids that we’ve been seeing and wearing for years and then there are the beautifully handcrafted and sewn patchwork quilts. Now we are seeing patchworked fabric on decorative pillow forms and upholstered furniture.  These are a few of the works of art that I have come across and I would love for anybody to share their finds with me .

Lucky Brand has been showing patchwork handbags for four year nows.  (I know because I bought a couple.) They began as reminiscent versions of the 1970’s-1980’s patchwork leather coats. But,they have pumped up the volume since and have moved towards much more vibrant colors.Just take a look at Etsy to see all of the fun patchwork quilts and pillows that are offered.  Many artists have moved away from the traditional motifs and colors and are offering not-to-be-ignored pieces. Fashion is funny when we look at how trends resurface. Patchwork has never gone away, but these bright options with energetic fabric colors and textures seem to be an example of the trickle up theory in that it started on the streets with independent consumers and artists and is  being adopted by the high end home fashion gurus and haute couture.  Think of the work that goes into making these pieces!  I just hope that everyone is properly comensated for their labor!

Squint's Patchwork Chesterfield Sofa

Squint’s Patchwork Chesterfield Sofa

From Squint: