Okay, here we go. I’m not so sure that I even have time for this. I’m 45 years old and it is all moving a bit too fast for me absorb through osmosis. As I sit here now, I have no idea how to blog. It was free through WordPress, so why not try?

‘Not so sure that what I have to share will be relevant or interesting to anyone either. But, since thou shalt not slander thy neighbor’s blog, I’m going to press on.

I see this as something that will evolve organically and one day I’ll have a vision and a stride. Not quite yet though. Since I’ve spent my entire career in product development of textiles, Quantum Physics may be a comfortable place to start. Okay, nothing to say on that topic. Let’s start out with textiles. I think I’ll keep it to home decorating textiles since I have experience there and most people would prefer to read about cool fabrics than read about thermo-insulated textiles developed for NASA (except those Quantum Physics folks).

When I come back, I’m coming back armed with home decorating fabrics. If anybody wants to share with me any great textiles or products made from textiles, whether mass-produced or custom made, bring it on!!!!

My one haunting thought is, if a blogger blogs on the internet and nobody is there to read it, does the blogger really blog?